26 June 2019,   16:53
Attorneys say a witness of murder on Khorava Street is being pressured

The main witness of the murder case on Khorava Street was interrogated. The witness who has already changed the testimony five times has not named new circumstances today.

The attorneys of the detained juveniles say that the pressure is being put on the witness and that is why it gives different testimonies. Attorneys accuse Mrza Subeliani ,an employee of the Prosecutor"s Office.

"On the first day he gave a testimony in favor of the defense side and then gave testimony against the defense side. Therefore, we are convinced that the change of testimony is caused by pressure on him by f the prosecution side," Tariel Kakabadze said.

Inga Sharashenidze , one more lawyer speaks about the pressure on the witness as well. Attorneys suppose that there are far more culprits than the detainees. They suspect that two other participants are involved in the murder case.
The prosecutor accuses lawyers of dissemination of false information.