23 October 2019,   07:51
Russian pilot who was beaten talks about the causes of incident and excludes connection of incident with politics

The beaten Russian pilot made explanations about the incident from the hospital . According to the video address on the Internet, Fyodor Chelishev says that the incident has nothing to do with politics and it is linked with business interests. According to him, for almost a year there were threats and attemts to extort the money, which wer rejected.

"I went to them during the incident, and I asked them why they had blocked the runway when they attacked me, Do not talk about politics , talk about the fact that the control on the international traffic lineis carried out by a criminal group, I think the government should also be interested in the country"s image," says Fyodor Chelishev .

The physical confrontation between Georgian paratplane pilots and a group of pilots from Russia and Ukrain took place in Gudauri. The footage depicting physical confrontation was spread in the social network. Investigation on the fact of violence is underway.