17 October 2019,   15:45
"The only political force interested in a turmoil is the" National Movement "- ruling team

The parliamentary majority blames the "National Movement" for planning disorder. The ruling team estimates that the opposition is interested in destabilization before the presidential elections. "Georgian Dream" is convinced that the United Opposition has no chance of winning the elections.

"The only political force interested in turmoil and chaos before the elections is the ," National Movement. "I am sure that they have no chance to win under the conditions of free and democratic elections," Eka Beselia said.

Members of the parliamentary majority also name secret recordings as part of an attempt to destabilize.

"This destabilization is not just a separate demonstration, or what actions have taken place, including on your part, it was a stream of deliberately planned provocations, the flow of records, "- Mamuka Mdinaradze said.

The ruling team believes that the opposition has a revolutionary scenario.