27 February 2020,   15:02
This is manipulation with people - Nika Rurua evaluates the banners with new aggressive content

Nika Rurua, a member of the political council of United National Movement responds to the new aggressive banners against UNM in Tbilisi.

According to Nika Rurua, the ruling team uses the election campaign which is based on the hate speech.

According to Rurua, the banners of such content serve to intimidate people and manipulate with them.

" Georgian Dream"s common mistake is that they raise the temperature and later can not reduce it themselves. Of course, it is counterproductive. These billboards show the whole negative, sarcastic, Soviet-type campaign. Many people have advised them to remove this billboard but it does not matter already,"- said Nika Rurua .

The banner of new aggressive content with eight former politicians from UNM appeared in Tbilisi streets recently.
" Courier" has found out that the banner is ordered by Alexandre Megutnishvili, the businessman who owns Tsinandali wine factory.