23 February 2020,   16:53
Preparations for Election Fraud and Special Lists at Election Precincts - CEC responds to opposition`s accusations

The Central Election Commission responds to the opposition"s accusations. Speaker of the Central Election Commission of Georgia, Ana Mikeladze, gave explanations about drawing up special lists.

According to her, special lists are created for people who cannot vote because of their official duties at the registration address.

"According to the legislation, the data about the people who due to their official position on the election day cannot vote at the place of registration, a is provided by the relevant agencies to the election administration. In the main list, where these persons are registered, special records are made, indicating that the mentioned persons are transferred to the special list, which ensures that each citizen takes part in the elections only once, "- said Ani Mikeladze.

The United Opposition talks about another scheme of rigging, with which, according to them, the CEC is trying to manipulate the votes. Levan Bezhashvili, member of the political council of the United National Movement, says that the CEC has made special lists and tries to change the data in the polling stations where Vashadze is leading.

Bezhashvili has brought for example Samgori election district, where he claims that the mobilization of 1329 policemen and military personnel is planned.