17 July 2019,   07:36
Let"s start from a clean page - Zurabishvili"s offer to opposition

Salome Zurabishvili has responded to the statement of Giorgi Lomia, chairperson of the Faction "Georgian Patriots", in which he questioned the legitimacy of the president-elect.
According to the president-elect, she is ready to start relations with political forces from the clean page.
"The first rule of democracy is that when you lose your election, you recognize whoever is elected be it the president, the MP, or the team, this is a democracy when you acknowledge that you have lost and start from a new page. I am ready to start from a new page and I urge everyone to start it together, "- Salome Zurabishvili said.
MP Giorgi Lomia also noted that he would not attend Salome Zurabishvili inauguration and had no information if any leader of the "Alliance of Patriots" would be attended.
According to Giorgi Lomaia, Zurabichvili is not a descendant of the king and he is not clear why the inauguration ceremony should be held in the palace of the King Erekle.