21 May 2019,   17:51
"This voting will probably be a culmination," - Beselia expects support for her own initiative

At today"s session it will be clear whether the majority will support the initiative of Eka Beselia and another 8 MPs on the postponement of the process of lifelong appointment of judges.
After voting, Beselia will make a decision whether she will leave the majority. It is already known that the initiative will not be supported by the majority and this was confirmed after yesterday"s political council.
"I think it is clear that the majority of the Council of Justice has its lobbyists in parliament and they do not hide this position, I hope that the majority of MPs will base their decision and their position on the public and legal will which is necessary to be supported. This voting will probably be the culmination and my decision will probably be based on the results of this election, "- Beselia said.
Part of the majority opposing Beselia states that the draft law violates many international norms. According to the Chairman of the Legal Committee, Anri Okhanashvili, Beselia"s proposal directly contradicts the Constitution of Georgia, the European Convention and the Venice Commission conclusion."
National Movement supports postponement of the process. Roman Gotsiridze states that the issue of judges was initially managed by Bidzina Ivanishvili.
"European Georgia" believes that it is important to delay the problems in the system timely. The minority proposes an alternative project to the parliament, which will deprive The Chinchaladze group of the exclusive right of nomination of candidates