20 February 2020,   15:25
"May God Open Our Mind, Our Soul" - Ilia II Discussed the Importance of Forgiveness

Catholicos Patriarch of All Georgia held the Holy Liturgy at the Holy Trinity Cathedral. After the liturgy, Ilia II addressed the assembled audience with the sermon and talked about the importance of forgiveness today.
The extraordinary liturgy, which is associated with the day of forgiveness, starts at 7:00 pm, after which Ilia II will asks the congregation and the clergy to forgive him.
On the Day of Forgiveness, the Church recalls the expulsion of Adam from Paradise, and it is always celebrated on the day before the great fasting.
"Come in and get forgiveness. God will be pleased to open our minds, our souls, and we will see our mistakes and happily meet with the brilliant resurrection, "said Ilia II.