20 August 2019,   01:46
Kobakhidze states that " Defend Georgia" will not be able to overcome a 3% threshold

Kobakhidze"s prediction, "Defend Georgia" cannot overcome a 3% threshold. The Chairman of the Parliament made a statement a few minutes ago.

Irakli Kobakhidze assessed the meeting of "Defend Georgia" and evaluated its political chances.

Kobakhidze says about former teammates and supporters that "such faces" cannot contribute to the development of democracy.

"If the opposition spectrum os improved, Georgian democracy will only benefit from it. However, none of these faces can contribute to the development of a democratic system, "said Irakli Kobakhidze.

When asked what is a motivation of those, who had left Georgian Dream party - the interests of the country or the desire of political chairs, the chairman of the parliament says that in most cases, subjective interest prevails.

Kobakhidze also speaks about the importance of creating new political forces and explains it with the need for deprivation of the opposition "monopoly" from UNM.