18 September 2019,   16:15
"The landslide area" - residents of the village of Buturauli of Shuakhevi are demanding resettlement

Residents of village Buturauli held a warning demonstration in Shuakhevi. Sixty families require resettlement. According to them, the territory of the village is completely under landslide threat.
The inhabitants of Buturauli demand a geologic study of the village and claim that the negative impact on the ground was caused by the construction of Shuakhevi HPP.
"The houses were destroyed. The harvest is lowered. The water is drained, the trees have dried with the HPP construction. We do not rule out this, "said the head of NGO
For Our Rights.
Shuakhevi Mayor Fridon Putkaradze explains that local geologists have already studied the problem and they are now waiting for the specialists of the National Environmental Agency.