23 July 2019,   03:39
Ivanishvili launches political money laundering scheme - "Cartu" ordinary staff donated to the Dream 64 thousand in 2 days

Bidzina Ivanishvili started using the money laundering scheme - after Cartu Management, now the ordinary employees were also instructed to transfer money to the Georgian Dream coalition.According to official data from the Audit Office, one day the employees of Cartu Foundation, Bank and Insurance Company decided to donate thousands to the ruling party.According to the Audit Service, only on April 2, Bidzina Ivanishvili"s ordinary employees donated to the ruling party approximately 64 thousand GEL
.For example: Naira Ekvtishvili - 5 thousand GEL, Irina Megrelisvili - 5 thousand GEL, Nino Davalianidze - 4 thousand GEL, Tengiz Demetrashvili - 4 500 GEL, Arsena Tsiklauri - 5 thousand GEL, Ekaterine Surmanmidze - 6 thousand GEL, Zurab Ivanishvili - 5 thousand GEL , Salome Pedychkin - 3500 GEL.
The employees of Cartu Bank do not want to talk why and at whose orders they  decided to finance the Georgian Dream for the mid-term elections on the same day.

Employees met all questions of Rustavi 2 with silence.
Levan Khabeishvili talks about how the ruling party is financed in the pre-election period and what is black money laundering scheme in the Georgian Dream.
According to this scheme, a portion of the money comes from the accounts of the businessmen who are close to the government in the ruling party, who are benefit from tenders before or after the donation .
Minister of Finance says that similar decision of the Cartu Bank employees should not cause any signs of questioning at all.