23 July 2019,   03:36
"I have not taken advantage of anything" - Levan Jibaghashvili denies the connection of his dismissal with the first Deputy Minister of Interior

Actor Levan Jibaghashvili was released after a two-day imprisonment. He left Gldani penitentiary institution late last night after he paid the bail. Prior to that, the photos of the Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs Kakha Sabanadze and Levan Jibaghashvili in informal environment were spread in the social network. The suspicion was that Jibaghashvili, who was detained for the purchase and keeping of drugs, was released after Sabanadze"s intervention.
Levan Jibaghashvili did not deny the acquaintance with the senior official, but said that Sabanadze did not interfere with his release.
"I have photos taken with half of Georgia, including former ministers and have personal relations with former prime ministers, in this particular case I have not taken advantage of it, the fact is that I have not taken advantage of anything ," said Jibaghashvili.
When asked why he had drugs in his car, the actor said he could not specify details in the interests of the investigation. For the same reason, Jibaghashvili does not say what kind of drugs the talk is about and whether he bought this substance.