23 August 2019,   16:13
Georgia"s Prime Minister had no face-to-face meeting with Donald Tusk - Foreign Minister makes explanations

The Eastern Partnership celebrates its 10-year anniversary in Brussels . A high-level conference will be held in the capital of the European Union, where the Prime Minister of Georgia will speak about the achievements of this project.

At the end of the day, the Minister of Foreign Affairs made explanations regarding the meetings held by Donald Tusk. Tusk met with leaders of three countries from six Eastern Partnership countries, he had talks with leaders of Azerbaijan, Ukraine and Moldova, but he did not have face-to-face meetings with Prime Minister Mamuka Bakhtadze.After publicizing this information, Foreign Minister accused Rustavi 2 of spreading lies.

Zalkaliani says that Mamuka Bakhtadze had a high level meeting with Tusk on November 21, according to his statement, Donald Tusk will arrive in Georgia in July and will take part in Batumi Conference.

After the informal dinner, representatives of the Eastern Partnership countries and invited guests made comments. According to them, Georgia is one of the most successful of the Eastern Partnership countries. According to them, Georgia needs to continue democratic reforms on the way to joining the European family.