22 September 2019,   06:32
Scandalous secret record and bribing of voters in Zugdidi - prosecutor"s office launches investigation

The Prosecutor"s Office has launched an investigation into the scandalous record aired on Rustavi 2 TV, where Gia Danelia, a member of the Zugdidi Sakrebulo, talks about the bribery and kidnapping of the voters.
In the record Danelia explains to the second person what the assignments "has come from above." Danelia says how he was summoned with other local leaders and how they were given assignments to buy the votes at any cost ... Those who can not be bought should be intimidated, those who cannot be intimidated should be kidnapped and not allowed to go to the ballot box on May 19.
From the record it becomes clear that the ruling party is trying to win elections. It does not shy away from cooperating with the co-called criminal viewers.
"Investigation into the alleged bribery of a voter in Zugdidi municipality by Sakrebulo member, which was broadcasted by Rustavi 2 Broadcasting started on May 14, 2019, in Samegrelo -Zemo Svaneti Regional Prosecutor"s Office , under Article 164 of the Criminal Code of Georgia" . Under the same article an investigation was launched into the alleged bribery of the voters based on information spread by Levan Khabeishvili in mass media.