23 August 2019,   16:12
Blackmail, violence and bribery - record confirming that the government is preparing for elections rigging

On the basis of the confidentiality an anonymous source provided a scandalous secret record to the "Courier" where the faction "Georgian Dream" MP of Zugdidi Sakrebulo tells details of the secret meeting. The video footage was taken in a car where MP Gia Danelia told what assignment the ruling party leaders gave to him.
The MP expressly states that in order to get the desired result, it is necessary to use blackmail, terror and violence.
Gia Danelia is announcing in the video footage that the supporters should be brought from occupied Abkhazia, because they are not able to collect the necessary votes in Zugdidi. In addition to terror and pressure, "Georgian Dream" deputy in the secret record regrets that it was not possible to buy the people in the neighborhood.
Danelia was confused by "Courier`s" questions . He denied that he was seen in the video footage and his voice was heard, even though he did not see the video. During the interview, "Courier" found out one interesting detail. Gia Danelia had the same watch in the video and at today`s session .
The scandalous secret record soon became the reason for the noise and confrontation in Zugdidi Sakrebulo. Candidate of the United Opposition Sandra Roelofs arrived at the session and demanded explanation on the planned terror attack from Gia Danelia. According to the candidate of the opposition, Ia Kerzaia"s tragic example was not a lesson for the government.Members of the Zugdidi Sakrebulo did not allow Sandra Roelofs to make an announcement at the meeting, which resulted in the confrontation and noise.