19 October 2019,   22:30
Witnesses of the Prosecutor"s Office are employees of the State Security Service , Some of them have Giorgi Gakharia as avatar - Nika Melia

" I"m watching TV and waiting for verdict, which will be announced by my colleagues. It"s tragicomic, I"m watching and even I have realized in a new way where we live . This parliamentary majority is a cohort and they rule the country,"- said Nika Melia.

The member of United National Movement claims that the Prosecutor"s witnesses are current and formed employees of the State Security service.

A member of " United National Movement" says two members of the Georgian Dream were pressured yesterday and they will not dare not to suspend Nika Melia"s mandate.

"The prosecution has 6 witnesses who will try to justify my detention. many people are involved in process of gathering information on them. According to our current information the situation now is alarming,"- said Nika Melia.