24 January 2020,   02:39
Governor`s position will be annulled - all municipalities will have only mayors

The position of a Governor will be annuled in the country. All municipalities will have only a Mayor after the new reform. However,his functions will be expanded. The authors of the initiative name as are the main reasons the reduction of bureaucratic costs and the abolition of dubious positions.

The amendment is mainly related to the 12 towns, which have both a governor and a Mayor. In this case, there will be an elective mayor and his competencies will cover not only in a specific city but the whole municipality.
The elected head of each municipality will have the same title – Mayor.

Head of the Administrative Department of the Infrastructure Ministry Natia Sulava made a statement about the change.

"The head of the executive body of the municipality will not be dismissed. Just uniform name will be intoduced and everyone will have the same title and everyone will be called Mayor. Massive dismissals will not follow, optimization will happen, and the structure of the mayors will be reviewed and the needs and the number of people will be optimal for the specific municipality, " - Natia Sulava said.