28 November 2023,   15:18
"They are digging graves, burrying us a alive" - the 12th day of protest in Tandzia

The 12th day of protest in Tandzia - locals have been blocking the motorway road for almost two weeks and the RMG GOLD cars are not allowed to enter the territory.

According to their information, the company is going to use open-pit mining for production of gold.

The protesters say that the decision will further aggravate the existing ecological situation in the region.

The residents of Tandzia are asking for a meeting with RMG GOLD and local government officials for 12 days.

According to locals, in exchange for silence, they are offered workng places, but they do not agree with this condition and demand that the open-pit mining works stop.
"They are digging graves, burrying us a alive", -said protesters.

Recently, the Dmanisi rescuers" representatives came to Tandzisi population. According to them, legal disputes will be launched to protect the rights of the locals.