22 May 2024,   18:50
Scandalous continuation of drug case - drug dealers accuse police of patroning

The scandalous case of drug dealing - Levan Dadiani, who is accused of drug buying, says in an interview with "Courier" that the police have under protection the black market fof the new generation of drugs. He has already handed the materials to the General Inspection of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The young man has been detained by Vake-Saburtalo police department where investigator Iakob Gogebashvili, the brother of Giorgi Gogebashvili, accused of drug trafficking, worked.

According to Dadiani, he was ready to name a salesperson in the police department, but law enforcement officials advised him not to talk about this issue.

Levan Dadiani was detained in Didi Dighomi at the time when he was taking drugs purchased on the Internet from a cache in one of the entrance halls.

Giorgi Gogebashvili, accused of drug trafficking in the internet, does not plead guilty and does not fully agree with the testimony of the woman who lived with him.

Nino Gegelashvili, who has a 5-year-old son, fully admits the whole case and her fault. Their attorney says that Nino Gegelashvili obtained psychoactive substances herself and leaving it in various districts of Tbilisi alone and Giorgi Gogebashvili knew nothing about it.

The position of state prosecution is different. According to the prosecutor"s, the fact that the drugs were not found in Giorgi Gogebashvili"s personal vehicle does not prove his innocence.

The court sentenced Giorgi Gogebashvili and Nino Gegelashvili to preliminary imprisonment.