01 December 2021,   05:02
Law enforcers did not allow the anchor of P.S to lead the program from Rustaveli avenue

Rustaveli Avenue was blocked, about an hour ago. Policemen mobilized at all the entrances and they did not allow citizens to enter the territory.

After the program was broadcast, law enforcers allowed citizens to come to the rally.

Two rallies are taking place at Rustaveli Avenue - "White noise" movement rally and counter rally which are divided by the police cordon.
Protest rally organized by "White noise" has ben held in front of the parliament building for the second day . Young people protest against special operations held in "Bassiani" and "Galeri" night clubs on May 12.

Recently, counter rally participants,who opposed the demands of "White noise" activists, arrived at Rustaveli Avenue, There was also a confrontation with the neonacist group, as a result of which the police arrested several people.