23 January 2022,   09:20
"European Georgia" named Shalva Shavgulidze as the Chief Prosecutor`s candidate

"On behalf of the European Georgia and Parliamentary minority today I want to nominate Shalva Shavgulidze as the candidate for the Chief Prosecutor of Georgia," the statement was made by the leader of the parliamentary minority, Davit Bakradze, the Chairman of the European Georgia- Movement for Freedom.

Davit Bakradze criticizes the ruling party"s selection of a new prosecutor behind closed doors. According to Bakradze, Zaza Sarlidze"s requirements are fully shared and that is why they offer additional initiative.

"The society saw yesterday that the closed consultations on the candidacy of the new Chief Prosecutor in the office of the Georgian Dream in the evening and this is the answer of the government and the Georgian Dream to tens of thousands of people who are protesting in the streets of Tbilisi and demanding disruption of the system.

"Apparently, the government has not learned the lesson and is going to name a new prosecutor within the same system, which needs demolition ",- Bakradze said. .