21 January 2022,   11:46
Resignation of Prime Minister of Georgia and the Cabinet of Ministers - Amnesty International has released a statement

The priority of the new government of Georgia is to reform the judiciary system, including the creation of an independent mechanism for investigating the facts of human rights violations by the police - this is the response of AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL to the resignation of the Prime Minister and the Cabinet .

The statement released by the organization says that governmental changes were preceded by several-week protests that were caused by the investigation of Davit Saralidze"s murder case and court decision. According to AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL, the trial revealed the distrust of the justice system and the inefficiency of his work.

The statement dwells on the murder of Temirlan Machalakashvili and it is said that the authorities started the investigation late and did not reach any tangible results. AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL calls upon the Georgian authorities to ensure independent and impartial investigation of the murders of Davit Saralidze and Temirlan Machalikashvili and take the necessary steps to eradicate the lack of trust in the justice system.

"Basically, the resignation of the Prime Minister-Minister of Georgia outside the international organizations and outside of Georgia is considered in this context, in the frames of Khorava"s protest rallies, and generally against the government. According to our statement, we call on the new government of Georgia, when its members will be fully staffed, to give priority to the reason of the discontent in Georgia, "said Levan Asatiani, Head of the Bureau of Amnesty INTERNATIONAL