05 December 2023,   03:16
Tbilisi Land Use Master Plan may become cause of confrontation - Tbilisi City Hall supports relocation of Eliava Market

Tbilisi Land Use Master Planis already a reason for confrontation due to specific objects. Among such objects is the Eliava market.

The City Hall intends to offer owners of the territory everything in exchange for the territory. Owners have been asking for the right to build a shopping center on the territory of the market.

The mayor of Tbilisi responded to private owners today. Kakhi Kaladze starts negotiations with the shareholders of Eliava in several days.

Land use document has already been sent to Sakrebulo, deputies should study the general development plan of Tbilisi.

The Eliava market area is one of the issues that might start a big confrontation in the Sakrebulo. The ruling team is supporting the transfer of the market, but the opposition think that this decision will increase the number of unemployed.

The Eliava market is among those 11 sites where the recreational zones are to be built. According to the new Tbilisi Land Use Master Plan, in the Tbilisi Sea, Eliava Market, Big Dighomi, Ortachala Gardens and 5 more location concrete constructions will be replaced with recreation zones. However, how the replacement of the private property will be conducted is not yet specified.

The new development in the central districts of Tbilisi will be significantly restricted, including Vake and Saburtalo zones.

The general plan of Tbilisi, on which the City Institute has been working for nearly three years,mapps the capital according to geological hazard, in particular, the areas of high, medium and low risks have been determined.

According to Tbilisi Land Use Master Plan, 20 percent of the capital’s territory is distinguished by large-scale development of natural processes. The development of natural processes is not large –scale in the 29 percent of the city territory and 51 percent of the capital"s territory is in the low risk of natural hazard.

The discussion of the general plan of Tbilisi should be completed by the end of August. Presumably, from January 1, Tbilisi will have an official document of development, which the Mayor disapproved several months ago and requested to change it.