30 November 2023,   21:58
Natural disaster in Chuberi community and dozens of villages isolated from outer space - the first photos from disaster site

"Courier" has presented how events developed in the Chuberi community . The graphic detail shows when and how the natural disaster started.

The disaster in Chuberi community is raging, which almost covers the river Nenskra valley. This community is located to the north of the village of Khaishi.

The epicenter is the rivers Nenskra and Okrila Khertvisi. This place is located on the hill of Khokrila wherea large part of the mountain has collapsed, the mountain mass blocked the valley. Then the accumulated water broke through and rushed to the villages in Nenskra Valley.

There are about ten villages in the community of Chuberi, with over a thousand residents and since the epicenter was in the north, floods now threaten every village. Some of them have alreadybeen run over, several road bridges and roads connecting villages have been destroyed.

The water, the dirt and the toppled trees are floating to the river Enguri.