25 July 2024,   04:09
Murder in Khorava Street - Law enforcers detained a teenager

A juvenile was detained within the murder case in Khorava Street in Tbilisi. According to "Courier", the detainee D,G. is at present at the police headquarters. The Ministry of Internal Affairs has released a special statement regarding this.According to the agency, the juvenile, D.G. was detained based on a judge"s ruling on false testimony.

"The investigation found out that DG, who had witnessed a particularly grave crime, deliberately provided incorrect information to the court and gave false testimony.In particular, in the investigation of the murder case on Khorava Street, DG said while giving evidence in court that he had physically confronted the deceased Davit Saralidze with GG and M.K. He was physically assaulted by Davit Saralidze, but he refused to have participated in physical confrontation .The investigation also found that before the court session, he met with the deceased Davit Saralidze"s parents and talked about the actual circumstances of the murder that occurred on Khorava Street, but at the court hearing the same meeting denied the facts of the case.Consequently, the witness D.G had repeatedly provided the court with wrong information about the crime and subsequent developments.

We remind the public that Mirza Subeliani and Merab Morchadze are detained in the scope of the case and are accused of not reporting the crime.The Ministry of Internal Affairs continues investigation into the criminal case , "the statement reads.