20 October 2021,   00:23
Embezzlement of state funds in large amount - Prosecutor"s Office started studying ministries

The Chief Investigative Agency has begun to count money in ministers" pockets. The Prosecutor"s Office is processing the documentation from the ministries.

According to the courier, the documents have been withdrawn from the Ministry of Infrastructure and Economics. They are studying the period of Zurab Alavidze and Minister Dimitri Kumsishvili. The case does not apply to one million or one purchase, the investigation is being carried out on the large amount of state funds.

Hundreds of files are already withdrawn from the Ministry of Economy. Before the Prosecutor"s Office started a big revision, Bidzina Ivanishvili"s inner circle in the Georgian Dream discussed the issues and initiated the green light.

Investigation is mainly intrested in those ministers who were brought in the government by Kvirikashvili .

The reliable source told Courier that one of the influential ministers at the closed meeting said, "We need to arrest someone."

The Prosecutor"s Office requested documentation from the Ministry of Economy. The investigative agency was interested in the materials that
are connected with tirparks and technical checking.

Tiaparks, which the Investigative Agency are interested in, are located in different regions of Georgia. This is a special place where cargo trucks and trailers are stopped to get a license before crossing the border.

Businessmen say they are not allowrd to take the license.

The opposition speaks about corruption deals.