24 October 2020,   22:25
4 million withdrawn from TBC Bank - Levan Kiphini and Otar Partskhaladze had 12 telephone communications

Former Chief Prosecutor Otar Partskhaladze and Former Minister of Sport Levan Kipiani had frequent telephone calls during withdrawal of millions from TBC Bank .

Twelve telephone calls were carried out from Levan Kipiani"s number within two days at the time when the total amount was being withdrawn.

Kipiani was the consultant of the Omega Group at that time, so he had a corporate phone number of Omega group.

Businessman Zaza Okuashvili talked about the frequent telephone communication between Kipiani and Partskhaladze in the program on Rustavi2.

Okuashvili says Giorgi Gakharia together with Partskhaladze headed the withdrawal of four million in "cash" from central branch of "TBC Bank" .

According to Aleksandre Khachishvili, armed men were waiting outside the building and he put a bag full of money in the car indicated by Levan Kipiani.