22 May 2024,   04:13
Niko Pirosmani"s painting "Georgian woman with a lechaki" will be sold at "Sotheby" auction

On November 27, Niko Pirosmani"s painting will be sold at Sotheby"s auction. The estimated cost of the painting is 500,000 to 700 000 sterling pounds.

Niko Pirosmani is mentioned as a Georgian artist on Sotheby"s auction website.

Pirosmani"s paintings were acquired by the famous Austrian writer Stefan Zweig in Moscow in 1928. After his death in 1942, the painting was owned by his first wife, Frederick Maria Zweig, who gave it to her friend Harry Zohn in 1953. In 1981, he gave the painting to the museum at the College of Fredonia State University, New York, where it was kept until now.