18 June 2024,   05:44
Polarized Pre-Election Environment, Fear-based Campaign and Bribing of Voters - NDI"s Critical Report on Presidential Elections

The pre-election environment was polarized and based on the fear-based -NDI publishes conclusion of the second round of elections. Before that, the results of the monitoring were presented by representatives of the OSCE, European Parliament and the Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly.
"The election campaign was marked with separate incidents of violence and according to spread reports with intimidation . The campaign could have been influenced by the practice that violated the law.
Alleged bribes and abuse of state resources. Unfortunately, the election rhetoric was more aggressive compared to the first round, there were also personal attacks. The presidential elections had nothing to do with the president"s institution, it was more referendum for the leader.We think that Georgians deserve more than presenting a political reality as a threat, "- said Laura Thornton, director of the NDI"s Georgia office.
Laura Liverman, the representative of the Observer Mission, says that the program announced by the Prime Minister regarding writing off the debts may be assessed as bribery of voters. According to her, the presidential candidate received a number of votes from campaigns organized by various organizations, such as a rally "No to Misha".
Laima Andrikiene, a representative of the observation mission, assesses writing off debts as a bribing of 600,000 citizens. According to her, the problem was created by appointing the election date in the middle of the week.
"Before arriving in Georgia we had a meeting with the European Parliament and listened to the Foreign Minister of your country. The reaction of my colleagues that were from different political groups was a shock. We were shocked by the Prime Minister"s announcement, who promised 600 thousand people to write off debts. This happened before the second round, we analyzed your legislation and it is a bribing of voters.Of course, this decision has influenced the electorate and their choice.As for the date, I listened to a lot of people, including students, who told me that they could not vote because they were hundreds of miles away from the voting district and were unable to go and vote. This was reflected on the results of the election, ", says the representative of the observation mission.