22 May 2024,   02:54
One year since Khorava street tragedy - procession will start from Rustaveli Avenue

One year from the tragedy that shocked the whole Georgia on December 1 - exactly one year has passed after the murder of two teenagers on Khorava Street. However, the investigation has not yet detained the murder of Datuna Saralidze.

Zaza Saralidze is still requesting n vain to punish his son"s murderer. For almost three months, he has been holding a permanent demonstration in front of the parliament building, with the father of Tamirlan Machalikashvili, who was killed in Pankisi.
Today, at 14:00, people will start gathering on Rustaveli Avenue from where the participants will go to the place of tragedy.
Levan Dadunashvili died during the confrontation with teenagers on Khorava Street and Datuna Saralidze died in hospital on December 2 with multiple wounds.
"A year has passed and it"s a pity that we have more questions than we have answers. We still do not know who killed Davit Saralidze, "said Nestan Londaridze, lawyer of Davit Saralidze"s family.