28 January 2021,   17:05
Tako Charkviani and her husband attacked and physically assaulted at Kutaisi airport

The incident occurred in Kutaisi airport - Tako Charkviani and her husband were attacked and physically assaulted at the airport.
According to Tako Charkviani, she and her husband were physically assaulted by about 5 people.According to her, she can definitely identify 4 persons who physically assaulted her and her husband.
According to Charkviani, the confrontation occurred on political grounds. She says that the controversy was taking place in the presence of the employees of the service, but they did not do anything.
According to Charkviani, the law enforcers gave these people the opportunity to leave the area.
"As I have been informed now,one said he was a probationer, . One was not in a sober state, but he did not look drunk. On political grounds - I was seeing off my daughter- when they saw us they said - leave the town, they were telling us that it was on the political ground because of Misha Saakashvili, I told him that this is a union and and in Girgvliani`s case nobody of them was there. None understood anything. The aggression was mainly against me and of course more against my husband ... there was a usual beating at the airport , if not for these ladies , this man would be killed , "Charkviani said.