24 May 2024,   13:41
"From December 15, citizens will be gradually withdrawn from the list" - Prime Minister on annulling debts

The pledge to withdraw citizens from black list of debtors is in force - the Prime Minister says that the process will start from December 15.
According to Mamuka Bakhtadze, starting from December 15, citizens will begin withdrawn from the so-called black lists.
The Prime Minister says that the debts of citizens will be gradually nullified.
According to him, a special site, which was created regarding the banking debts, will be launched today.
"Today at 6 o"clock a website will be launched where a part of our citizens will be able to register and we are talking about some large organizations. In particular, today and tomorrow will be uploaded bases represented by "Bank of Georgia", "TBC Bank" and "Liberty Bank" customers, one of the largest sectors. I also want to emphasize that the work is going on in 24-hour mode. You can probably imagine what the scale of the information is and the "Cartu" Foundation is very active on this issue, so every day we add the relevant information to these bases. The process of concluding agreements with the financial institutions continues and as we have already noted, from December 15 until the end of the current year, our citizens will be withdrawn from this black lists, "- said the Prime Minister.
Before the second round of elections, the government decided to pay the debts of that those citizens who have taken loans up to 2000 GEL and are on the black list.