24 May 2024,   14:35
Staff Changes - Members of the Parliamentary Majority have different opinions

The parliamentary majority has different positions on staff changes. According to the part of the ruling team, at this stage government changes should not be implemented in the party.
According to their assessment, structural changes should be taken to ensure that reforms are met and satisfy those demands that the public has.
" I think it"s better to concentrate more on work, because if there is any change in the staff, information will be provided to society. The rest I think is rumors, "- Sopho Kiladze said.
According to the part of the ruling team, the election results should not be associated with changes and dismissal from positions.
"I think such changes are not needed at this stage, but if it is necessary, it can be carried out in this rank. The results of the election should not be associated with anybody"s release or change, but if the situation demands change, these changes should be carried out. At this stage governmental changes are not planned, "- Dimitri Khundadze said.
According to the parliamentary majority, the presidential elections showed that personnel changes are necessary.
"This is a normal process, a novelty is necessary, a new force is necessary, so I think the changes can happen," - Shota Khabareli said.
MP Giorgi Gachechiladze is waiting for certain changes, however, he excludes that Mamuka Bakhtadze will be replace by Giorgi Gakharia. Information about government changes has been spread in media. According to it, the Prime Minister will resign and be replaced by the Interior Minister Giorgi Gakharia. According to the current information, the amendments are also planned in the party "Georgian Dream". Kakha Kaladze and Irakli Kobakhidze will leave the posts of general and executive secretaries.