17 June 2024,   04:11
Development of Mountainous Regions - government starts working on main directions of the strategy

The Government of Georgia starts working on the strategy of the main directions of development of high mountain regions for 2019-2023.
The document was developed by the Ministry of Infrastructure, but public consultations will be held on it, after which the government will approve the strategy.
One part of the strategy is the installation of disaster warning systems in highlands.
“The installation of early warning systems in the mountains is very important in order to avoid climate change-related threats. We have allocated very important funds in this section and have already started pilot programs. We will take preventive measures to minimize damage caused by natural disasters. It envisages cleaning of various rivers and river basins, installation of 4 automatic meteorological stations, forest cultivation, improvement of forest sanitation and restoration of fire-affected areas in the mountains. The most important component is the introduction of insurance programs in order to minimize losses caused by natural disasters, "PM Bakhtadze said.