27 May 2024,   10:13
If Georgia does not agree with the candidacy of Bridget Brinks , it will indicate to poor maturity of the country"s democracy - Vershbow

If Georgia does not revise its decision and does not agree with the candidacy of Brigitte Brink, it will speak badly about the maturity of the country"s democracy, "- Alexander Vershbow responds to the article published in" Foreign Policy ", according to which official Tbilisi blocks the appointment of American diplomat.
Vershbow is convinced that Bridget Brinks can help Georgia overcome many challenges.
"I was very worried when I read this story in "Foreign Policy ". I do not know whether it has been confirmed or not, but if it is true then this is a very bad decision taken by Georgia. She is an extremely honest and balanced person and I do not think that she is loyal to any foreign or local politician.With her professional experience, she would be an extraordinary ambassador at the time when Georgia needs good advice.
" Georgia is still facing danger from Russia and has a lot of challenges inside the country, "- he said.
The former deputy defense secretary says that Washington can ask Georgia to revise the decision and hopes that Tbilisi will do so.
The members of the Georgian government deny the attempt to block Brink, but it is not clear whether her candidacy for the position of the Ambassador is acceptable for them.