27 May 2024,   09:44
Preparation for inauguration in Telavi -Salome Zurabishvili attends rehearsal

The preparation for the inauguration of the country"s fifth president is underway in Telavi. Salome Zurabishvili, a newly elected president, went through a rehearsal. However, she left Telavi without comment for the media .
The members of the inaugural commission are also in Telavi.
A small incident took place in Telavi. The inauguration rehearsal  caused damage of the population. As it was planned, cannons were used for shooting which damaged some local residents in the village of Kurdgelauri. In particular, glasses in more than three houses were broken.As the victims say in the conversation with the "Courier", a strong noise was heard at about 4 pm, which was followed by the deterioration. The shooting caused a small panic among the population.
The village residents came to the place where the cannons are located. According to them, the military servicemen told them that they will inform the government of the damage, but nobody has come from the local authorities to the residents of Kurdgelauri so far.