17 June 2024,   03:57
All will be held responsible regardless of their status - Giorgi Gakharia

Law enforcers were injured during the confrontation in Gurjaani yesterday.
15 policemen still remain in Telavi and Gurjaani hospitals.They were visited by the Interior Ministry at the end of the day.
According to Giorgi Gakharia, investigation into the case will start from today and all the culprits who will be punished.
The minister in the hospital had a slight disagreement with the representative of the United Opposition.
"When we stood here today, only then we were told that there was an alternative way. It as not true, "- Giorgi Botkoveli appealed to Giorgi Gakharia.
The accusations of one of the opposition leaders were unacceptable to the minister. He addressed Botkoveli.
"I would like to state with full responsibility that the investigation will be conducted on each fact. In cases where it will be proved that police were injured as a result of the opposition"s provocations, physical or verbal or other forms of violence or insult, everybody will be held responsible regardless of their status, "- the Interior Minister said.
Later, Giorgi Gakharia visited Shota Dalkishvili, the injured participant of the rally.