18 June 2024,   23:34
Gakharia started to implement his threats - Police Mobilized in front of Davit Kirkitadze"s house


The police have started to implement threats of a Minister of Internal Affairs and launch an investigation against the opposition - Law enforcers were mobilized in front of Davit Kirkitadze"s house this morning.

It is not known whether they were going to arrest David Kirkitadze. The police left the area without explanations.
The first comment was made by Davit Kirkitadze, who calls on the police to cooperate. Kirkitadze says that the police violated the law itself.
"This is a position of the very frightened and inclined government. They have decided to communicate with people and opposition in this way. They do not hear the people"s voice or the protest of the people, "Kirkitadze says.

According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, they have already launched an investigation into the incident in Kakheti.