17 June 2024,   04:18
"I"m not going to obey the criminal Gakharia" - Kirkitadze will answer the questions only if he is interrogated by court

Davit Kirkitadze went to Kakheti with other leaders of the opposition.

As Kirkitadze says, he will answer questions only if the court interrogates him, However, till that time he demands to detain all those individuals, who attacked opposition activists in Velistsikhe yesterday and physically assaulted one of the activists.

"I"m not going to obey illegal orders of a criminal Gakharia,"- Davit Kirkitadze says.
The former presidential candidate of the United Opposition says that the opposition leaders are now going to visit the wounded in the Kakheti region, who was attacked yesterday.
"All constitutional rights of Georgian citizens were restricted yesterday. As for Mr. Davit Kirkitadze, he expressed his protest against the incompatibility that occurred yesterday. Everyone has seen the footage, "said Grigol Vashadze.