17 June 2024,   05:58
Perhaps there was a delay in the movement, but the reaction to this delay was much more aggressive - Gia Volski

Leaders of the ruling party state that the developments in Kakheti yesterday were an anti-government action planned by the opposition.
Gia Volsky, the Vice-Speaker of the Parliament does not rule out that there was some delay in movement in Telavi, However, as he claims, the reaction of opposition was too aggressive.

The leaders of "Georgian Dream" comment on demonstrations, planned by the opposition as well. According to them, a large number of people will not participate in demonstrations, announced by the opposition.

" Everything that was planned and implemented was anti-state. Maybe, I"m not sure that there was any hindrance in the movement, but of course, the reaction was much more aggressive than it could have been, "said Gia Volsky.