17 June 2024,   04:06
Secret meeting in the office of "Georgian Dream" - former Mayor of Marneuli met with Bidzina Ivanishvili

The former mayor of Marneuli, who is accused of degrading treatment, might return to politics.
Teimuraz Abazov, ex-mayor of Marneuli, who was released from prison, was on a secret meeting at the Georgian Dream"s office.
As the "Courier" found out, Temur Abazov personally met the chairman of the party at the secret meeting which was attended by the Prime Minister.
Party members from the office do not confirm Abasov"s visit. Chairman of the City Council says that the meeting was with Kakha Kaladze.
"I do not know, I have not seen him in the office. We had a working meeting with the Mayor of Tbilisi, "said Giorgi Tkemaladze.
The members of the parliamentary majority do not specify whether Abasov"s return to politics will be considered.
Eka Beselia says that nobody can prohibit Abasov if he wants to get involved in the political activity.
Another member of the majority says that Teimuraz Abazov has suffered a human tragedy. According to Gia Volsky, his actions were beyond legal norms.
"I do not think that the theme should be discussed in the party context but I think the crime and the violation are very important and are inconsistent with the handwriting of the Georgian Dream," says Gia Volski.