24 May 2024,   13:45
Revenge against opposition leader - Elene Khoshtaria on the detention of Davit Kirkitadze

One of the leaders of "European Georgia" Elene Khoshtaria calls detention of Davit Kirkitadze a political revenge.
According to Khoshtaria, the authorities are trying to take revenge against the opposition leaders with arrests.
Representative of the parliamentary minority thinks that there is selective justice in the country and, as an example, Khoshtaria names cases of Partskhaladze`s and Marneuli Mayor.
Otar Partskhaladze physically abused general auditor Lasha Tordia and Temur Abasov is accused of inhuman and degrading treatment.
"The detention of opposition leader Davit Kirkitadze goes beyond the personalities and particular parties. This is a revenge against the opposition leader, "says Helen Khoshtaria.