22 May 2024,   18:28
Not only Kirkitadze, those people who attacked MPs should be held responsible- Gia Volski

The Vice-Speaker of Parliament, Gia Volsky, responds to detention of one of the leaders of the United Opposition, Davit Kirkitadze, a member of the UNM.
A member of the "Georgian Dream" states that not only Kirkitadze should be held responsible for the confrontations and incidents in Kakheti.
"Not only Kirkitadze, I think that those people who attacked and insulted MPs should be held responsible ," - Gia Volsky says.
Law enforcers detained UNM member Davit Kirkitadze yesterday in Sagarejo. One of the leaders of the opposition is charged with the first part of Article 353 of the Criminal Code of Georgia, which implies physical assault on the policeman and property damage.
According to the Interior Ministry, Kirkitadze"s arrest was based on a judge"s ruling.The opposition speaks about political revenge.