22 May 2024,   18:49
"The first meeting will be held with the President"s Administration,"- Lasha Zhvania on expected reorganization

According to the new budget, a number of employees will be reduced to 60 staff units. I will meet employees of the Administration according to the order of the President - said Lasha Zhvania.

Zhvania has already begun to fulfil the authority of the head of the administration. According to him, the number of staff members is not known yet.
Presumably, the former Deputy Head of the Administration and the Financial Manager will remain in the team.

Zhvania starts consultations from today and he said, that it will be decided after the consultations who remains in the Administration.

"My first meeting will be with the whole Administration with the assignment of the President. We will have meetings with separate departments, as well as individual meetings, "said Lasha Zhvania.