24 May 2024,   15:20
Deceased prisoner - Public Defender gets involved in the case of 34-year-old Giorgi Paseishvili

The Public Defender has already got involved in the death of a 34-year-old prisoner. Nino Lomjaria"s deputy, Giorgi Burjanadze said that no information was provided to the Public Defender"s Office.
Representatives of the Ombudsman"s Office have already arrived in Tbilisi Penitentiary Establishment No. 8 , where the deceased prisoner was serving prison his sentence.
"This prisoner was not our applicant, he had not addressed us. Today, when the information about this death is spread, our representatives have gone to the penitentiary establishment and are getting acquainted with the materials and collecting certain data.
"When the prisoner is on hunger strike, it is formalized and we are informed about the fact; however, we have not received such information, so the documentation that our representatives got acquainted with does not contain any indication that the prisoner who was on hunger strike, it was just mentioned that he rejected some food, "- he said.
The penitentiary department claims that Giorgi Paseishvili was permanently under the supervision of the doctors, but explained that the prisoner who considered himself innocent was refusing to receive food and medicinal treatment.
Giorgi Paseishvili died in Gudushauri clinic yesterday. He was demanding release, because he considered himself innocent.
Giorgi Paseishvili started hunger strike for about a month and a half ago, requesting to review the case, he refused to receive both food and medicines.
The prisoner was in Gldani prison, but it was necessary to hospitalize him . For 40 days he refused to take food and medication as a sign of protest.
Giorgi Paseishvili was detained by law enforcers on the fact of wounding his neighbor a year ago.