22 May 2024,   18:58
"If there was an indication that a hunger strike threatened the life of this person, appropriate measures should have been taken " - Giorgi Tughushi

"If there was a real evidence that the starvation was already a real threat to the life of this person, then appropriate measures should have been taken," said a member of the Parliamentary Faction, European Georgia - Movement for Freedom, Giorgi Tugushi, about the death of 34 year old prisoner.
Giorgi Tugushi says that there are many international practices on how the penitentiary establishment should act in a similar situation.
"It is a very difficult fact, there is not one ethical standard when this happens, but the starting point here is of course human life and if there is a real testimony that hunger has already created a real threat to the life of this person, measures should be taken, "- said Giorgi Tugushi.
Chairman of Human Rights and Civil Integration Committee Sopho Kiladze commented on the death of the prisoner. She said that initially it should be found out what happened in reality.
"It is necessary to find out why this person was on hunger strike and why he wanted his case to be reviewed and what really happened in reality. As the penitentiary establishment states, all the relevant measures have been taken to ensure that all the assistance has been provided to this individual in this particular case. However, the truth has to be established, "- Sopho Kiladze said.
We remind you that after a 40-day hunger strike, 34-year-old prisoner died. Giorgi Fakeishvili was demanding his release, because he considered himself innocent.