25 June 2024,   12:15
"We have selective justice and the court is a political instrument" - Grigol Vashadze speaks about Kirkitadze"s detention

Gurjaani District Court will have to discuss the case of Davit Kirkitadze on the background of the protest rally.
Leaders and supporters of the United Opposition think that their team member was arrested on political grounds. They demand Kirkitadze"s release.
In case of imprisonment, the opposition will resume protest rallies. In parallel to the opposition rally in Gurjaani, police forces will be mobilized at the place and any fact of violation will be restricted, according to the statement released by the Ministry of Internal Affairs.
"We have selective justice and the court is a political instrument and there is no guarantee of law and justice in this country," - Grigol Vashadze said.
Zaal Udumashvili, one of the leaders of the National Movement, responds to scheduling of the trial in the morning and said that this was done exactly for the people not to attend the rally, but he said that more people are coming to support Kirkitadze and protest against injustice.