25 June 2024,   12:46
After the Courier report on possible rigging of elections in Dmanisi, the CEC addressed the Prosecutor"s Office

After the "Courier" identified the person involved in possible rigging of elections, the Prosecutor"s Office should now study the facts. For this purpose, the CEC has already addressed Tadumadze"s office.
In the investigative department, they explained that they will respond to the election administration"s statement, but they did not specify when.
The "Courier" found out that members of the Commission: Mariam Niguriani and Tsisana Aduashvili participated in alleged falsification of elections at Dmanisi polling station # 44.
"Courier" arrived in Dmanisi to find out details but the family members hid the addressee of the questions, and they were aggressive towards the crew.