17 June 2024,   02:34
Controversy between Nika Melia and supporters of "Dream" in the restaurant "La Truffe" - Final Session in the City Court

The final hearing on the incident that occurred in La Truffeis held in the City Court. Nika Melia, one of the leaders of the opposition, is one of the participants of the incident. The final decision may be voiced at the court session.
The confrontation between Nika Melia and supporters of "Georgian Dream" took place at the restaurant "La Truffe" on May 12, 2013. The process has been going on for five years already.
Nika Melia was charged with hooliganism.
Lawyer Giorgi Gelkhauri hopes that the court will make an unbiased decision regarding one of the leaders of the opposition and declare Nika Melia innocent.
"None of the evidence is presented in the case, including the evidence examined in the court. None of the testimonies and witnesses confirm the guilt of Nicanor Melia in the case. Moreover, they do not say that Nicanor Melia has taken part in the confrontation and in the fight. Consequently, we believe that the court must take the only objective decision according to which Nicanor Melia should be found non guilty, "said the lawyer Giorgi Gelkhauri.