17 June 2024,   05:25
"They saw that Ivanishvili may be scared and loser ..." - Kakhidze

Ivanishvili has lost trust when members of the ruling party saw that he can be defeated - says MP Otar Kakhidze, a member of the "European Georgia".
According to him, Eka Beselia"s decision to resign from the position of a Chairman of the Legal Issues Committee is not directly related to the issue of judges.
Kakhidze thinks that after Ivanishvili"s pre-election address the team lost the unity and everyone tries to promote their own influence.
"Ivanishvili"s appeal spread between the first and the second rounds have changed many things - they saw that they could be defeated. They saw that Ivanishvili may be scared and a loser and this prospect is quite realistic, "Kakhidze said.